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You already excited and happy in bringing your dog home. You’re ready for the playtime, cuddles and endless love a dog will bring. What you may not be ready for is establishing a solid routine from Day 1. Getting your routine right is the key at keeping your dog’s bad habits at bay! The Dog Adoption Quick-Start Guide will set you and your dog up for success right from the first day you bring home your dog.

Operation: Rover Travel Right

This toolkit is designed for military families (including the furry ones too!) who are getting ready to move their families overseas to Germany and Italy. This comprehensive toolkit gives you the resources you need so you can be fully equipped in creating a budget for associated pet fees from the vet to the actual move, a checklist of what to pack for your family dog as well as the timelines for veterinary care and the references for what is required for your dog to safely enter the EU

The best part?!

When you download your toolkit, you can can make a $5 donation to Pups4Patriots through the umbrella organization, American Humane.

Pups4Patriots connects service dogs to veterans.

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