Play Uplifts Not Just Your Dog’s Mood

Life moves along.

You find yourself working more hours.

As soon as you wake up, you hit the ground running.

Solving problems for colleagues, putting out fires and the next thing you know, it’s 9pm.

You don’t know the last time you ate let alone the last time you spent time with your dog.

You do know that over the last few months, you’ve seen a change in your dog.

Your dog is panting and pacing, cowering when you walk into the room.

You have no idea what happened or what to do.

Unpacking the layers of stress in your life, you discover the change of routine, the transition from having joy and fun to trudging along impacted your dog socially and emotionally.

Through our time together, you recognize the pivotal moments in the preceding months of where the routine and your dog’s behavior started changing.

You didn’t recognize it at the time because your busy life took over.

What you receive when we put the pieces back together, the glue that keeps the pieces from pulling apart is how play is so vital for you and your dog’s wellbeing.

Play through an engaging game of tug with your dog, or for one of my clients having a treat party when she animatedly uses her hands to talk (her dog cowers, freezes and looks away) helped shift her dog from distress to her dog seeking her out.

This game is silly. It makes us all laugh.

Physiologically, it slows down the heart rate, slows the rate of breathing, it’s a total body stress release for the pet parents and the dog.

You start seeing a new pattern emerging.

Your dog is more relaxed and confident during and after our sessions together.

You continue through the weekend, but as soon as Monday rolls around, you see the impact of your work life has on your personal life through the reflection of how your dog’s behavior changes reverting back to cowering and freezing.

Rather than focusing on changing your dog’s behavior, we start seeing how you can make empowered choices in working in more of what you want like spending time having fun with your dog.

When you make the connection and create an action plan to feel more calm in your life and experiencing that you can achieve this through play with your dog, your dog also benefits.

Discover how you can create the loving bond with your dog and what you want more of in your life for what you want with ease.

Published by houndbiz

Katherine Porter is a force free, reward based dog behavior advisor and consultant serving clients and their companion dogs worldwide. Her calm and gentle approach in coaching clients in effectively communicating what they want to their dog blends her MSW background into her dog training and behavior practice. Katherine was a behavior consultant for Heeling Hounds after graduation. She opened Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC when the military relocated her family to Fort Sill, OK in 2015. During this time, she volunteered with Rainbow Bridge Can Wait where she provided post adoption consultations to new pet parents. She also developed and implemented tailored behavior modification plans for highly reactive dogs residing at the shelter. She also provided educational programs to military children through interactive workshops at the Fort Sill School Age Center. In 2017, Katherine relocated Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC to Germany. She served the Armed Forces communities in Bavaria. She continued coaching and advising her clients in addressing their companion dog’s fearful and reactive behavioral issues. Katherine takes a Do No Harm approach first and foremost in providing behavioral plans. She is committed in serving clients with gentle and modern science approaches in modifying behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and fear based responses. Katherine is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is focused on integrating a holistic and modern approach in addressing her client’s pet companion reactive behavior issues.

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