Presence is Your Gift to Yourself and Your Dog

Seeking perfection is the killer of creativity, spontaneity and true connection within any relationship.

Perfection is about feeling the need to control a situation or an outcome.

When you are making choices from a place of perfection, you’re not open to what someone is saying, how your dog is responding to you and two way communication is interrupted.

What happens if you don’t get perfection?

Do you retreat back into yourself and get caught up in those beliefs about yourself that you’re not good enough or smart enough to do whatever it is you’re doing?

Or do you blame the other person or even your dog when they aren’t perfect or able to perform up to your standard?

Your power doesn’t reside outside of yourself.

Your power resides within your awareness of yourself and the intentionality of your actions.

When something goes wrong, it isn’t about who is wrong or what did or didn’t happen, but rather what you get to learn from the experience.

You get to discover what worked well, what needs to shift. When you’re making those adjustments you begin finding the trust within yourself.

That’s it.

This was a lesson I relearned last week.

Trying something new, pushing myself out of my comfort zone had me back in old beliefs of perfectionism.

My focus wasn’t on what I was doing, but rather how a situation was going to turn out.

When the situation didn’t turn out perfectly because I wasn’t present to the small steps leading to the outcome, self doubt creeped in, negative thinking patterns emerged and I blamed and shamed myself.

A light bulb went off.

What if instead I trust myself rather than focusing on how someone else was going to respond or how a situation turned out?

Feeling the need to control and having a perfect outcome faded and I felt empowered in what I can do and the part I play.

Letting go of the attachment to the outcome freed me from worry of what the future will hold.

Presence is the antidote to perfection.

Do you want to live more presently so you can respond to what’s happening with your dog in front of you and let go of what your dog should or should not be doing? Let’s chat!

Published by houndbiz

Katherine Porter is a force free, reward based dog behavior advisor and consultant serving clients and their companion dogs worldwide. Her calm and gentle approach in coaching clients in effectively communicating what they want to their dog blends her MSW background into her dog training and behavior practice. Katherine was a behavior consultant for Heeling Hounds after graduation. She opened Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC when the military relocated her family to Fort Sill, OK in 2015. During this time, she volunteered with Rainbow Bridge Can Wait where she provided post adoption consultations to new pet parents. She also developed and implemented tailored behavior modification plans for highly reactive dogs residing at the shelter. She also provided educational programs to military children through interactive workshops at the Fort Sill School Age Center. In 2017, Katherine relocated Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC to Germany. She served the Armed Forces communities in Bavaria. She continued coaching and advising her clients in addressing their companion dog’s fearful and reactive behavioral issues. Katherine takes a Do No Harm approach first and foremost in providing behavioral plans. She is committed in serving clients with gentle and modern science approaches in modifying behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and fear based responses. Katherine is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is focused on integrating a holistic and modern approach in addressing her client’s pet companion reactive behavior issues.

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