Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

Understanding the growth cycle can validate you in your learning and growing and how you experience the same with your dog.

You start off learning something new, you’re excited about the journey.

You feel ready and you feel it in your bones you can climb any mountain with ease.

You encounter your first roadblock.

You didn’t know this challenge was going to happen and it is surprisingly confusing.

You didn’t know this was a thing.

When the answer doesn’t show up easy, you begin feeling the frustration seep in and take over.

Your excitement wanes and you’re at a crossroads of turning around and giving up, or pushing forward and figuring out how to navigate the obstacle.

You make the choice in digging deeper, asking for what you need, putting the pieces of what you’re working on together.

Your surrender back into the routine, practice, or just going back to square one starts to fade the curtain of frustration that hung over your head.

You start recognizing the shifts happening.

The changes taking shape and you get excited again.

The growth cycle is just that, a cycle and learning to ebb and flow with it isn’t always easy or fun, but it certainly offers opportunity for expansion.

A client shared about her success with Appa.

At the heart of the matter, she learned to deepen her patience when things got frustrating.

She looked inward and continued to go back to the practice and show up with love for him.

With months of practice (again, learning and growing never ends), Appa is making choices she’s so proud of him for making.

He’s more comfortable wearing a harness, walking on a lead and no more nipping.

She taught Appa to take breaks (practicing mat work) and sure enough, he is doing this on his own.

She shared her proudest moment when he dragged out his mat and made the choice to settle on it when he needed to slow down.

You may not always see the gains during each practice session and even the frustrating bits may cloud your achievements, but you too will experience a breakthrough and in these moments celebrate those wins.

Thanks Body Mind Coaching for this golden nugget. The ripples of sharing continue!

Freedom from Control is Where You Find Love

You’re busy doing all the things.

One day bleeds into the next and you’re continuing on the hamster wheel.

Demands of work are growing and you find little time for anything else besides doing the daily grind.

You’ve believed for so long that getting the work done and being productive is what you value.

When you feel like you’re not hitting your marks one day and your dog (from your perspective) is not cooperating, you get angry.

Your expectation of your dog to follow your rules and for you to feel in control is shattered.

You become angry at your dog for interrupting a meeting and then feel guilty for scolding your dog for doing what he natural does.

“The strings attached” love you are giving your dog sets you both up for failure.

You’re setting unrealistic expectations on your dog that your dog didn’t agree to in the first place nor did he consent to this relationship.

When you’re expectations go unmet, you feel betrayed.

This type of love is contingent on your dog fulfilling your needs and now your dog owes you a debt.

Neither of you are empowered and dare I say, you’re betraying yourself in the long run for your misplaced expectations.

What if you had the chance to experience love that opened your heart to receiving and giving kindness, respect and safety?

Would this be a type of love which gives you and your dog the freedom to be who you are as individuals and connect with one another in a dog friendly way?

Free from judgment and labeling of what your dog is doing or behaving?

Understanding your needs for connection and freedom without the need to control, dominate and overpower the other.

Your dog doesn’t need a disciplinarian.

Your dog needs you to show up freely and with kindness everyday and in every moment.

Letting go of your expectations and showing up with a curiosity of what you both can experience together.

Find out what happens in the space between letting go of what no longer serves you and your dog and what you get to receive from a truly loving bond.

An Intentional Practice of Kindness

Trust is born out of an intentional practice of kindness.

Everyday, you show up and allow your dog to guide you in what he or she needs to feel safe and loved.

This is a lifelong commitment to your dog’s wellbeing and her quality of life.

Doozy and his pet parent exemplify a loving bond.

Doozy came into his pet parent’s life afraid of everything.

He was overwhelmed and unsure about all the changes going on.

Doozy wasn’t comfortable exploring the home, his safe spot was on his bed where he spent most of the day.

He was reluctant to go outside.

When meeting new people, he struggled.

Doozy’s pet parent took action because she wanted Doozy to feel safe and confident.

We took great care in holding Doozy’s trust and prioritized his welfare as we encouraged him to make choices.

Choices like seeking out his pet parent when something scary or unfamiliar happens like a car driving by, seeing people walk by the window and even when a guest comes by.

The latter is still a work in progress. His pet parent easily adapted the training plan to include new scenarios and situations she wanted Doozy to be more comfortable in experiencing.

One of the biggest leaps forward was Doozy feeling more comfortable going out the front door.

This leap took a few weeks of slow and gradual exposure to the door and being guided by how Doozy was feeling and what he felt safe in doing.

By slowing down and following Doozy’s lead, Doozy trusted he would be safe which also fostered a stronger bond with his pet parent.

Their bond opened the door to Doozy taking the next step on his journey of feeling more confident in surprising situations.

Her love is healing Doozy.

Curious how a tailored approach and learning how to follow your dog’s lead can bring you closer together?

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