Snowy Reflections for 2021

This time of year is for reflection.

Reflecting on not only how this current year is wrapping up, but also to take a moment and reflect on how far we’ve come.

I, like you, believed at one point, Jack was always going to be out of control and living life cranked up to a 10.

Or, in the case of Bernie, always being scared and barking at my husband at the slightest movement or gesture.

I felt trapped by Jack and Bernie very early in our relationship.

My feelings of worry and frustration kept me thinking in these absolutes and wondering “what did Jack do now” when I was away to get groceries when Eddie was deployed.

I could have made some different choices early on which could have saved all of us a little heartache and headache.

We were a mess.

I didn’t know what I do now and hindsight is 20/20.

But what never waned was my commitment and dedication in doing things better for them.

I dedicated myself in learning not just better and modern ways of training.

I also learned about what supports their social and emotional wellbeing and how to satisfy these real needs everyday.

These needs look different now because they are older, but we are intentional everyday in connecting and bonding with them, so they can continue living their best lives and I’m happy I’m now able to know how to make this possible.

This moment was perfect as it helped me to reconnect with my own heart of what is truly possible.

The struggle can feel real because it is. You can learn new ways of doing things too which can unlock your and your dog’s hearts.

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Celebrate Your Success

I’m celebrating Layla and her pet parents today!

They called me because Layla has spent the better portion of 5 years barking and lunging at the TV.

Commercials really rattled her.

The change in sound, pitches, the sudden animal showing up all emotionally flooded her and her pet parents were lost at what to do.

They were struggling with finding outlets in having some peace of mind when they wanted to watch their favorite show.

But more importantly they were heartbroken in knowing how to help Layla feel more comfortable with the tv playing.

Layla alongside her pet parents learned how to do something different.

They were able to teach Layla to make different choices like playing Find It, making the choice to play with her toys, do some puzzle games or even play a little Enagage/Disengage with the tv playing.

These games all made the difference with helping Layla relax when tv shows were on and commercials suddenly appeared.

Her pet parents also have a management practice when they want to watch a show and when they recognize it may be too difficult for Layla, they set her up in her doggie den where she can relax away from the exposure of loud noises or surprising animals showing up on the screen.

Layla has been able to express more choice making and building her confidence through problem solving games and bonding activities like tug of war with her toys.

Layla’s pet parent said it best, “if you’re scared of something, you can’t just get over it in a day. It’ll take time.”

I can’t agree more. Layla is adored by her family and they are laying the ground work to help Layla change her emotional response which they recognize is a marathon not a sprint!

Are you struggling with your dog’s emotional reactions and unsure what to do?

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Sometimes You Need a Little Reminder

The Growl to Grow Dog Training and Support Program goes beyond teaching skills.

This program also supports you, the pet parent through the challenges of the training ups and downs.

Learning never happens in a straight line.

Rather the dips in achieving which we perceive as failures are necessary for gains.

Gains in your dog cresting a hill of learning something new.

The gain may also be for you.

Raising your awareness of what is needed everyday living life with your dog.

Having the contrast of progress being accomplished to the stagnation or even perceived regression of a skill is necessary for us to re examine what you need to do to get back into the practice.

As your coach, I’m here to offer you support and guide you in deepening your knowledge of how your dog learns and your role in shaping this too.

Find out how I can support you through teaching your dog more of what you want.

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