Pet Nutrition and Diet Graduate!!

WooHoo!  I successfully completed the continuing education class, Pet Nutrition and Diet.  Man, this was a information dense class and one I’m glad I enrolled in through ABC.  The program delved into what is required for our pet’s diets (eh hem, it would be applicable for our diets too) down to how food is digestedContinue reading “Pet Nutrition and Diet Graduate!!”


Halloween will be upon us in a few days.  For me, I enjoy the unofficial start to the holiday season. Halloween brings with it, cooler weather, a change in seasons, autumn colors and people getting in the spirit with decorating.  I enjoy the scary movies and the history behind the holiday and how different culturesContinue reading “Boo!”

A Little Bit About FAT

Did you know the heart’s preferred source of energy is FAT?  Did you know FAT has a 2:1 ratio of energy compared to carbohydrates?  Did you know of the protective qualities of FAT for the brain? I for sure didn’t until I learned about nutrition.  Everything I “knew” about food completely contradicted this “new” information.  EvenContinue reading “A Little Bit About FAT”