House Breaking vs. Separation Anxiety

I’ve met with a few clients lately who contacted Four Paws and You Dog Training to find out about how to stop their dog from soiling in the home. When I met with them and inquired a bit about each dog’s background, I soon found out some, not all, had some incomplete house breaking andContinue reading “House Breaking vs. Separation Anxiety”

Focus on This, Not That!

Counter conditioning is a useful tool in any trainer’s toolbox.  It is an effective strategy in changing a dog’s negative emotional response towards a trigger.  The aim for change is capturing a reaction which is calmer and relaxed while the trigger is present.  This behavior modification technique can be used in a variety of settings andContinue reading “Focus on This, Not That!”

Pets and Mental Illness

The other day, I was in Albertsons picking up a few odds and ends when I came across Time Magazine in the checkout aisle.  Time devoted its most recent publication and titled it, The Animal Mind: What They’re Thinking and Feeling and How to Understand Them.  You can check out a bit on the edition:Continue reading “Pets and Mental Illness”