Keeping Up the Practice

The adolescent phase of raising a puppy lasts awhile, but not forever! I worked with Olive and her pet parents last year on building a loving connection and bond. We didn’t work on formal manners. We spent time on encouraging Olive to settle and relax and for her to make the choice to do so.Continue reading “Keeping Up the Practice”

Book Review: Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook by Linda Michaels

My journey into dog training and behavior consulting began in 2013. My mentor shared with me who the industry leaders are and the reasons I should include them in who I continue learning from as I progress in my new career field. Leaders like, Victoria Stilwell, Nicole Wilde and Linda Michael’s topped the list. TheseContinue reading “Book Review: Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook by Linda Michaels”

Guide Your Dog and Experience What Is Possible

You’re only experience with dog training is what everyone else is doing around you. What you observe in how traditional methods are used and relied upon, it makes you uneasy and it’s misaligned with your values. You don’t see how pain and punishment has any role in teaching and guiding. You want something different. You’reContinue reading “Guide Your Dog and Experience What Is Possible”