Guess What Time It Is?

PCS Time! What does PCS mean? Well, let me share with you. Its a time of major transition and this time it means moving to a new country. As many readers of my blog know, my husband is active duty military and his job requires frequent moves like every 2-3 year moves. This frequent transitionContinue reading “Guess What Time It Is?”

A Look Back

Boxes unpacked, mostly; The Bears settled, somewhat; Me and Eddie in a new routine, this will ALWAYS be in flux.  I’m grateful we are moved into our new home and I’m happy we received our belongings and have tucked them in their new nooks and crannies.  Now, its a time a reflection for me, aContinue reading “A Look Back”

Keep on Moving….

This past week, Eddie and I’ve been working hard like little bumblebees.  So much so, I’ve dreamt I’ve been .chased down by them.  The bee theme even continued in my waking life from bees trying to get in my house and even stinging my little Boogs to hearing about bees on NPR.  Whatever the relevance, weContinue reading “Keep on Moving….”