Hello Friends! These are some uncharted times and uneasy waters. We are forced in maintaining social distancing as a way of keeping ourselves and each other safe from COVID-19. These forced lifestyle changes can hamper our lifestyles. Many of us are accustomed to meeting up and sharing ourselves interpersonally. We meet at bars for brunch,Continue reading “Reiki”

Guess What Time It Is?

PCS Time! What does PCS mean? Well, let me share with you. Its a time of major transition and this time it means moving to a new country. As many readers of my blog know, my husband is active duty military and his job requires frequent moves like every 2-3 year moves. This frequent transitionContinue reading “Guess What Time It Is?”

A Daily Dose of Mindfulness

Life seems to have a way of sneaking up on a person. ┬áIt goes along like the day before and then BAM, something crops up which disrupts our routine, but also causes us to push the pause button. The break in our daily tasks makes us face the reality of life that of which we,Continue reading “A Daily Dose of Mindfulness”