Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5

Last week was a bit more hectic. The before/after school program for school aged kids I also work at changed the staff’s hours to accommodate the kids for all day care. The kids had fall break, and let me tell you they acted like it was summer and they weren’t going back to school forContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5”

Therapy Dog Training pt3

Another Monday rolled around and of course that means therapy dog training class for me and Bern Bern.  I rushed home on Monday evening, Bernie didn’t get his usual walk before class, so I knew in the back of my head Bernie would have a bit more energy. I didn’t expect Bernie to act likeContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt3”

Therapy Dog Training pt 1

About a week or two ago, a colleague of mine reminded me of a nonprofit in the area who was offering some dog training, so I checked them out. Paws with Love is an organization which provides schools, hospitals and clinics therapy dog interventions with their clients. I’ve been interested in getting involved, so aContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt 1”