The Phenix Advocacy Center for Professional R+ Dog Trainers

In February of this year, Annie Phenix created the Phenix Advocacy Group for R+ Canine Professionals. The PAC provides free peer-to-peer support for R+ trainers. As a BodyMind Coach and behavior consultant, this was a perfect fit for me. You see, we advocate for the mental and physical well-being professional members of the group

From Ears to Tails

Not all tail wags are happy wags. Dogs communicate through their entire body. From the tip of their ears to the tip of their tail and everywhere in between 🙂 Your dog’s body language is the insight into at least having somewhat of an idea of what your dog is experiencing and feeling. Knowing whenContinue reading “From Ears to Tails”

Do You Want to Become a Dog Trainer?

Choosing the right school of thought and affiliation when just starting out as a dog trainer!