The Shifts in Your Life Begin with You

I shifted my dog behavior consulting business into a relationship coaching business because what showed up with my dog training clients centered around relationships.

For many of them, the relationship with themself took center stage.

Relationships aren’t just between people. Relationships are between us and what we connect with (people, companion animals, money, work and productivity and ourselves).

Companion animals can teach us so much about who we are and even areas needing some caretaking. Relationships with our dogs keep our hearts open to receiving their unconditional love.

Sometimes, us humans give only conditional love back to them. Placing expectations and contingencies on them.

Dogs have no part in consenting to or even negotiating the terms of the rules of do this or else.

This is where the disconnect often begins the journey into self discovery.

For many, what is learned didn’t just end with them and their dogs. They applied their learning into other relationships they have in their life that experienced some strain or entanglement.

Those who have come through my door as I made this transition, received relationship coaching which allowed them to tap into their own self awareness which highlighted how they communicate and connect with others.

When they can see themselves objectively, they can begin to empathize and and see the situation from the other point of view.

When they took the first step on their journey of self discovery, their inner knowing of what they desire awakened.

They felt into what shows up for them when conflicts arise and when miscommunication happens.

They sourced their own joy regardless of what life has to offer.

The individuals and families I serve make the linkages between how they feel with the action they take. They uncover the blindspots which keep them stuck doing the same thing without a different result.

They have the opportunity to put to words the heavy feelings they experience and access their desire of what they want to do and what they want their life to look like moving forward.

They learn how to empower themselves through their own inspired action.

I often hear people feel trapped, imprisoned and enslaved by the relationships they have within their lives.

They feel stuck in the belief they are not doing enough, they have to be perfect and ultimately they are looking for approval from others rather than finding it within themselves.

For many of the women (some heart-centered men) I serve, they recognize that the feeling of being imprisoned highlighted for them how they desired more freedom in their lives.

They connected that giving themselves permission to choose what they get to feel and when is empowering.

They took action by letting go of expectations that their dogs had to all be together in order for them to experience freedom and happiness.

They sourced their own management plan and their confidence soared (for both the humans and the dog).

They spoke to the limiting belief they couldn’t explore their own interests outside of the home because the fear had them stuck being at home 24/7.

They created action steps in encouraging their dogs to enjoy spending time on their own when they were home, so their dogs can be more comfortable when their pet parents were going to the gym, visiting with family and even going to the grocery store.

They created space in their day to tap into exploring hobbies they wanted to try on when their dogs and children were safely entertaining themselves.

They taught their dogs to take breaks during play so they didn’t have to be the constant referees for their dogs.

They found the joy.

They found freedom.

Do you want to reconnect with yourself so you can have stronger and more loving relationships with others in your life?

One spot left for the Creating Resilient Relationships Workshop!

Published by houndbiz

Katherine Porter is a force free, reward based dog behavior advisor and consultant serving clients and their companion dogs worldwide. Her calm and gentle approach in coaching clients in effectively communicating what they want to their dog blends her MSW background into her dog training and behavior practice. Katherine was a behavior consultant for Heeling Hounds after graduation. She opened Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC when the military relocated her family to Fort Sill, OK in 2015. During this time, she volunteered with Rainbow Bridge Can Wait where she provided post adoption consultations to new pet parents. She also developed and implemented tailored behavior modification plans for highly reactive dogs residing at the shelter. She also provided educational programs to military children through interactive workshops at the Fort Sill School Age Center. In 2017, Katherine relocated Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC to Germany. She served the Armed Forces communities in Bavaria. She continued coaching and advising her clients in addressing their companion dog’s fearful and reactive behavioral issues. Katherine takes a Do No Harm approach first and foremost in providing behavioral plans. She is committed in serving clients with gentle and modern science approaches in modifying behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and fear based responses. Katherine is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is focused on integrating a holistic and modern approach in addressing her client’s pet companion reactive behavior issues.

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