Tranquil Dogs and Kids

Whoops, your dog runs off with your daughter’s favorite toy! Oh no! Your dog just ran after and starting nipping at your son’s legs when he was swinging on the swing set! Your dog LOVES chasing after the soccer ball your daughter is kicking around and now he’s growling at her when she puts herContinue reading “Tranquil Dogs and Kids”

Growth Comes from Guidance and Engagement

Bridging the relationship between kids and dogs through interactive learning and coaching.

Keeping the Science in Dog Training

When you begin training any cue, you will want to make sure you ask yourself, “what am I trying to teach or convey to my dog?” This not only shapes what you want to get across, but also how you want to translate what you wish your dog to learn. Then you will want toContinue reading “Keeping the Science in Dog Training”