Finding Yourself When Caring for Another

You are exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

You are feeling totally consumed by your dog’s behavioral concerns.

Everyday it seems as though its another thing.

Another day where your dog chewed on something he shouldn’t have and of course it was your favorite pair of boots.

Another day of your dog having an “accident” and you swear your dog is only doing it out of spite.

Another day of feeling frustrated because your dog woke up in the middle of the night just to go sit outside. You have such a big day ahead, you don’t know how you’re going to function!

Another day of hearing the barking from your dog. ALL. THE. TIME!

Addressing your dog’s underlying emotional distress so you can have effective behavior change can be exhausting.

One thing after another piles up on your shoulders.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems like a flicker at this point.

You may feel guilty for not doing “enough”.

You’re not alone.

Caring for another being does take a toll and can become emotionally overwhelming. Especially when you are coping with and addressing multiple issues, severe behavior concerns, a multi-dog household or have immediate family members who are not onboard or are not sharing in the care taking duties.

Primary caregivers are carrying the weight of these responsibilities can make you feel you’re in a valley. Really feeling the low.

Getting to the heart of behavior change with your dog may dip into some self reflection and finding out what you need in order to keep going.

Give yourself some grace and make sure to put a plan in place for yourself.

💗 Schedule time where you can go for a walk by yourself.

💗 Listen to music or read a book in another room away from your dog.

💗 Take a yoga class!

💗 Keep a gratitude journal where you write down all the things you’re grateful for each day!

💗 Put up a Good Dog chart on your fridge with the behaviors listed out you want to see from your dog. Put a gold star each time you observe your dog doing this exact thing!

💗 Find a FF pet sitter and take extended time away to recharge.

Recognizing the good things going on will shift your thinking.

Seeing how your dog is making a good choice, no matter how big or small, will help you refocus and start anew.

Show up and meet your dog where he is at without expectation of what your dog will do or how he’ll act, will save you a bit of frustration.

Let your dog be your guide and live in the moment as they do.

Have you come to the end of your rope, but you still have hope?

Do you want to help your dog, but don’t know how?

Do you also need a bit of support too?

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Published by houndbiz

Katherine Porter is a force free, reward based dog behavior advisor and consultant serving clients and their companion dogs worldwide. Her calm and gentle approach in coaching clients in effectively communicating what they want to their dog blends her MSW background into her dog training and behavior practice. Katherine was a behavior consultant for Heeling Hounds after graduation. She opened Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC when the military relocated her family to Fort Sill, OK in 2015. During this time, she volunteered with Rainbow Bridge Can Wait where she provided post adoption consultations to new pet parents. She also developed and implemented tailored behavior modification plans for highly reactive dogs residing at the shelter. She also provided educational programs to military children through interactive workshops at the Fort Sill School Age Center. In 2017, Katherine relocated Four Paws and You Dog Training LLC to Germany. She served the Armed Forces communities in Bavaria. She continued coaching and advising her clients in addressing their companion dog’s fearful and reactive behavioral issues. Katherine takes a Do No Harm approach first and foremost in providing behavioral plans. She is committed in serving clients with gentle and modern science approaches in modifying behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and fear based responses. Katherine is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is focused on integrating a holistic and modern approach in addressing her client’s pet companion reactive behavior issues.

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