Take a Breath and Reset Your Mind

For readers of my blog, you’ve learned of the work put into rehabilitating my little Boogs, my Jack Bear.  Not only have I worked hard transforming his reactivity towards “you name the trigger”, but Jack worked just as hard if not harder in changing his emotional response towards people on wheels, motorcycles, dogs, cats, whateverContinue reading “Take a Breath and Reset Your Mind”

What’s That?!

I learned two separate, but equally amazing methods of working with a reactive dog who barks, lunges and is uncontrollable at any sort of trigger. The first method is the Premack Principle with a focus cue.  The second method is “Find It” and I picked this idea up from a colleague who is working withContinue reading “What’s That?!”

Be Positive!

Last week, I discussed finding a dog trainer to fit your values and needs.  If you want to read it, check out Don’t Be Fooled.  Basically, the intention of the post was to encourage the reader in considering his/her options for training methods and finding a trainer who uses a preferred method.  Now, I’m steering theContinue reading “Be Positive!”