Working with A New Rescue Group: Rainbow Bridge Can Wait

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been volunteering my dog training skills with a local rescue group, Rainbow Bridge Can Wait, out in Carnegie, OK.  I offered my services in hopes of helping some rescue dogs become more adoptable.  Its an extremely difficult job for rescues in not just providing a safe haven in theContinue reading “Working with A New Rescue Group: Rainbow Bridge Can Wait”

One Thing Is A Lot Like Another…

For the past two weeks, I’ve been sitting and listening; attempting to absorb so much of what is being shared and emphasized during orientation.  I don’t know if its overload or like my post last week, my brain always makes connections and sometimes they are obvious and sometimes not.  Regardless, throughout the orientation process forContinue reading “One Thing Is A Lot Like Another…”

BAT Effectiveness

A couple of weeks ago, I published Take a Breath and Reset Your Mind where I discussed Jack’s progress and my expectations for his continued growth.  Briefly, I mentioned how I brought Jack into a training session with a reactive dog named Sadie.  Well, Jack did his job and him and Sadie played. A bit of backgroundContinue reading “BAT Effectiveness”