The Humanity in Animal Rescue

I volunteer for an animal rescue in Oklahoma. Rainbow Bridge Can Wait is a tremendous organization staffed by dedicated and generous people, particularly women and families. These women devote much of their time coordinating transportation of surrendered, abused, neglected and abandoned dogs and moving them from deplorable conditions into loving and nurturing homes. The teamContinue reading “The Humanity in Animal Rescue”

A Treat Is A Bridge To A Pup’s Heart

The past few weeks have been CRAZY!  I’ve been working more hours at my other job, a before/after school program turned into a summer camp for a few more weeks.  The increased hours doesn’t lend me in having much time for dog training, but I certainly make time when I get a call. I metContinue reading “A Treat Is A Bridge To A Pup’s Heart”

Working with A New Rescue Group: Rainbow Bridge Can Wait

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been volunteering my dog training skills with a local rescue group, Rainbow Bridge Can Wait, out in Carnegie, OK.  I offered my services in hopes of helping some rescue dogs become more adoptable.  Its an extremely difficult job for rescues in not just providing a safe haven in theContinue reading “Working with A New Rescue Group: Rainbow Bridge Can Wait”