Christmas Continued with Katie and Pippa

Ok, so I’m way behind in getting the second part of Katie and Pippa meeting and also staying with Jack and Bernie over Christmas. Now, with a bit of time on my hands and my mental notes of how we had a successful few days together, I put my thoughts to virtual paper and willContinue reading “Christmas Continued with Katie and Pippa”

Christmas with Katie and Pippa pt 1

This is a wonderful time of year, the season of giving (and receiving), warm snuggles from my Bears and the anticipation of visits from family. This year, my sister came to visit for Christmas. It was the first time in what I think was years that we spent the day of Christmas with each other.Continue reading “Christmas with Katie and Pippa pt 1”

BAT Effectiveness

A couple of weeks ago, I published Take a Breath and Reset Your Mind where I discussed Jack’s progress and my expectations for his continued growth.  Briefly, I mentioned how I brought Jack into a training session with a reactive dog named Sadie.  Well, Jack did his job and him and Sadie played. A bit of backgroundContinue reading “BAT Effectiveness”