Christmas Continued with Katie and Pippa

Ok, so I’m way behind in getting the second part of Katie and Pippa meeting and also staying with Jack and Bernie over Christmas. Now, with a bit of time on my hands and my mental notes of how we had a successful few days together, I put my thoughts to virtual paper and willContinue reading “Christmas Continued with Katie and Pippa”

Therapy Dog Training pt 7: Its All Done!

Well, not all done. Bernie and I SUCCESSFULLY completed the therapy dog training with Paws with Love which is affiliated with Therapy Dogs Inc. We were both tested last night which we passed all tasks. I was tested in the handler proficiency skills and Bernie on his proficiency of following directions. Together, we make aContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt 7: Its All Done!”

Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5

Last week was a bit more hectic. The before/after school program for school aged kids I also work at changed the staff’s hours to accommodate the kids for all day care. The kids had fall break, and let me tell you they acted like it was summer and they weren’t going back to school forContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5”