Meeting People Isn’t Easy: My Experiences Raising a Reactive Male Pit Bull

I have a special guest author, Lauren Piro sharing her story about her beloved canine companion, Bodhi. I first met Lauren in early 2000’s when we both worked at a mental health treatment facility for adolescent girls outside Baltimore, MD. Lauren worked as a music therapist and helped hundreds of girls cope with their mentalContinue reading “Meeting People Isn’t Easy: My Experiences Raising a Reactive Male Pit Bull”

Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5

Last week was a bit more hectic. The before/after school program for school aged kids I also work at changed the staff’s hours to accommodate the kids for all day care. The kids had fall break, and let me tell you they acted like it was summer and they weren’t going back to school forContinue reading “Therapy Dog Training pt 4 & 5”

Pet Adoptions, Take it Seriously

Last week,  I met a beautiful mother of two who also has two dogs, a Chihuahua and a  6mo German Shepherd puppy (I’ve changed some of the details in order to keep the family anonymous).  She’s a new client and she’s dedicated in learning about the appropriate care of her two dogs. She has good instincts andContinue reading “Pet Adoptions, Take it Seriously”